Frezzor weightmagement and superfood with coconut rice drink


Use 1 cup super food and 1/4 cup weightmanagement.

If you like it , try out



  1. Hey I am not sure what is happening but Melanie Bennett name keeps coming up to a page that says not found when I try to click on your site on your blog in reader. It is happening to several people for me. I have to click on your name in order to get the site. Just thought you might want to know.


    1. Hi roberta, thx for answering, i might have change the page already so the link won’t work anymore .

      if things keep going wrong pls let me know and/or provide me the link

      Have a great day


      1. It was not just yours but others too. Thought it had something to do with Melanie Bennett so I let support know.


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