HIgh impression of yourself ?



Gotta hear that sometimes? high impression of yourself ? Now listen up …

Here’s why can you be proud of yourself reasons or feel good about it and show it to others who will be impressed , so they say … “High impression about him/herself!”

  • Because you eat well and take care of your health, no matter how beautiful you already are …
  • Because you received a target no matter how ridiculous it might be to others , let them , it’s your happiness and share it ..
  • Because you stand up for yourself 
  • Because you didn’t look ad that girl who’s so beautiful that you love her but can’t have her because she’s looking too rich for you.
  • Because everything turns out like it seems to be.
  • Because of injuries for life you still do a great job @work or @revalidation
  • Because you are not lesser worthed then anyone else 
  • Because you know the tricks to get people setup against you … or others 😀
  • Because you don’t care and let things happen the way they come
  • Because you look so healthy 
  • Because they can’t get in your head or manipulate you the way they want…
  • Because they know something to control you and you don’t care about it ..
  • Because you know yourself better then others say who you are ?
  • Because you learn to create some healthy discipline ?
  • Because surviving difficult times ?

Now pls, give some comments if you feel that i miss something, why you should have a high impression about yourself because you deserve it ? 

Have a great time to share this too all  …


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