Hardseller or softseller ?

Being a hard seller means selling things that don’t exists or with a concept that doesn’t describes the product correctly so lies , being the buyer/costumer of a hard sellers product means your are a blind costumer that doesn’t investigate the product he / she’s selling. Especially when things go outraged or beyond expectations or even doesn’t exists at all. Being a soft seller like working in normal stores means to have guaranty and money back as a blind costumer when things are bad or out of date for example. Now who is the cheater ? The hard seller , soft seller or the buyer ?


Now, look at the product , no matter what it is and decide if you have value or money back directly when you buy it. Do you need it and are you happy with it because it brings value into your life ? then buy it … otherwise think twice when it doesn’t help your health in mental and physical way. Learning is good but getting yourself in debt every time again , don’t do that . Because people will leave you when you are out of money and blame yourself going bankrupt.

REAL wealth is REAL health , starting from the inside.


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