The next terror- Childhood Obesity

Just reading a few words and it’s all about being educated . Then you can use a lot of information in your advantage and especially for your health / feel good mood .

Legacy Health Solutions


Do you know what is the major problem hanging above our heads at present? The future generation & their health. We have already written off our next, next and future generations into the hands of large money minting industries. Look straight, observe instead of looking. Surely, you will notice that the younger generation is troubled with obesity. Who is responsible for this situation? We, the parents are the prime culprits. This is the base for all their life style related, non-communicable, diseases in their future. Remember, 55-60% of all diseases in the world are Non- communicable diseases. Think! Are you playing into the hands of the controlling corporate machines?

We want our children to be healthy. But, we feel happy only if they are a bit bulky. So what do we need to do?

– Limit the the TV watching times.

– Send them to play outside the house, for…

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