Bio hotdog (cold)

2013-09-21 18.30.35Ingredients =

– Vegetarian wiener saucisses (bio bistro) 5 x 40 gr

– Tomatoes

– salade

– carots (see picture)

– Coconut oil

– Attach as many as you like or change any of them in healthy ones …

SO there are a lot of possibilities available to work things out and making some different ones , there will be as many available for

all and each of us. The main thing is to give the knowledge about healthy affordable alternatives instead of craving foods again and

again without any satisfaction because of the amount sugar , fat and preservatives ….

The ingredients are quiet simple and affordable. Just using bio-sandwiches from the bio store might give a better alternative instead off the whole wheat bread.  It’s simple to prepare as you got plenty of healthy ready-to-use made ingredients in a good store. Satisfaction is all you are waiting for now.

2013-09-21 18.33.18

Use some coconut oil instead of mayo or ketchup . The taste of the vegetables are running already into my mouth so don’t mess it up with the wrong sauce

You can choose whatever you want how to prepare it.  Extend the bio hotdog  in as many pieces you like and use different vegetables.




At the end , this is what really tasted and be sure you have both hands available and stop doing what you are doing.

Enjoy this easy healthy hotdog , that satisfied you for a long time

2013-09-21 18.34.02


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