How do we know if the Honey is Pure?

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Recently, I bought some honey immediately after it was extracted from a honey comb. I thought it might be pure. The advice I got from one of my friend also suggested so. Finally I bought it. Then, I wanted to see if it was pure. The only way they could adulterate it, was by bringing a prepared mixture of sugar or jaggery syrup in the container. Checking various articles, I found few tips which contradict each other. Still, I find the following tests to be pretty effective.

  1. Water test.

Take a tumbler of water. Drop a tablespoon of honey by keeping the spoon slightly higher than the water level. Keep it for around one minute.



–           Pure honey- Honey would pass through the water like a thread and settle down immediately without mixing. It forms a lump at the bottom.

–          Impure honey- Part of it gets disintegrated and…

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