Bio french fries baked with coconut oil #coconutoil





First this.  Alright, alright, it was a hell of a job to get coconut oil into the little deep fryer. I suggest you do this probably in da summer but whenever you do it, it’s a work out.

Any suggestions are welcome as i used a little deep fryer just to make sure i don’t overeat. The fat is great to bake french fries for sure. But i’m honest , it was worth my time.


 On the pic , you see the max. amount i could bake once at a time. So that works for me, not overeating. I had some leftovers , for use the next morning.

It was really worthed the pleasure to bake my first coconut oil baked bio-frites .

The ingredients and material i used are the following =

tomado mini friteuse 0,9 liter (look for a similar mini one )

Bio time coconut oil 2,5 l (example , can be found in bioplanet belgium)

Frites bio lutosa 1 kg (look for the bio ones, gluten free, lactose free and more …)

That’s what i takes to make a healthier snack because you can’t escape it. 


Enjoy your fries and share them with others.


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