Food and mind

Food and mind

It’s not always about food but it’s for sure an important habit. During the time you don’t eat you gotta stay out of the emotional food habits , forced by marketing and media. Getting intimidated and depressed by certain things is a matter of mental discipline, no matter how worse things are, talk about it and deal with it. #discipline #mental #habits #food #unique experiences are unique for all of us , as from the day you got born and treated by the people who brought you on the world.



  1. So true, we learn a lot and we do not only learn the good stuff, stress is something we all need to live with, disappointment, injustice, accidents, fights,loosing your job, all these circumstances do change us. The key is to aknowledge those issues and understand who you are. Also we need to realize that a we are not so good at registering, many times hunger is felt where it is thirst, a big step ahead would be to drink more water when feeling hungry after a couple of weeks, some people months, people start realizing that thirst should be handled with and a healthier lifestyle is easier to achieve then they think.


    1. Thanks monique , sry for the late reaction but i appreciate your reaction and inspires me to keep on changing the way i life even more . It’s a matter of time to let it be a habit despite the many factors that are integrated into our society that makes it quiet harder to do it all by yourself. So supporting each other online, offline or anywhere with a smile or some great attitude should make things happen.


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