Our consumption society

it’s amazing …. it’s not even very hot in belgium or the fans in front of the belgium kingdom house got water bags to their heads throwed. #wk2014 #EK2016 #tousensemble Celebrating the QF #WK2014. If the need is so desperately here yet how worse could it be in brasil or afrika ? There is need for a change in thoughts and mind but i can’t do it all by myself just bringing one bottle of water to brasil for example. Let’s save water . Yes, i’m guilty as well changing my mind, one step at a time. It’s just a consumption society because else the system will collapse as none before if everyone just eated and drank what they needed. And pls, use healthy goods as much as possible , it’s worthed the money for sure. It’s your body and your health which deserve the respect you need.

It’s great to see that the king takes care of his kingdom in this way. It’s an example how it should be in every country , bringing water to the people. 




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