It’s a process …

It’s a proces ,

a lifetime process because feeling bad by others makes you start thinking even more … .

My reactions are related upon my health situations inside or outside . Health isn’t a statical matter or you aren’t a paper such written like that. It’s every seconds that changes your situation, every thought , everything you eat , every contact you make … . Be aware of being fooled , you don’t ever know it because you can’t control it . You can only control your own situation, thoughts and reactions . So keep on looking in the mirror because you are worthed every minute you live for yourself. Being you gives the best of you . Truly a lifetime choice . Being lived by others or live the way you are. My story is a moment of my life and i knew many things a long time ago despite everyone thinks it’s normal but it isn’t at all for many people.

For example … medicines do only exists 100 year and many comes from nature despite the artificially prepared replacement medicines . They aren’t healthy at all. Covering up the real issues. Fighting only the symptoms.




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