Beyond blood: Theranos’ billionaire founder talks growth

Who run the world , girls. Girls are often more then a sex object promoted by many media to likely have more sales. When you get older and wiser you got to know that this isn’t all about sex and girls as a distraction from the real products.
Once your education is completed and you can make a whole new start to discover a new area in your life, be inspired by such people and above all….
Become the CEO of your own life
Change your life , one step at a time is
changing the world also as it
will change also yourself in the first place,
otherwise there will be no changes at all.

bert (redirected to all what inspires me)


Men tend to start business to make a lot of money. Women start businesses to create the companies that they want to work for—and typically don’t dream about building Fortune 500-sized giants that will make them billionaires.

Elizabeth Holmes is not your typical woman entrepreneur. And even though her habitual style of dress—black turtleneck and black suit—is Steve Jobs-ian, this self-made multi-billionaire is unlike anyone Silicon Valley has seen before.

Holmes founded Theranos, a blood diagnostics business, 11 years ago when she was a student at Stanford. She dropped out of college during her second year, relentlessly altered her vision and business plans, went on to raise more than $400 million in funding, and today runs a company that investors value at $9 billion. Holmes, now 30, owns more than half of this fast-growing health-care startup.

Last June, my colleague Roger Parloff did a fascinating Fortune cover profile of Holmes…

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