Oxigen, water and then food ! #stimulation

Alright, i was complaining into myself about using too much digital equipment getting quiet addicted to it as well. Stressed about using it too much and being social online for most of the time.
So staying connected is what we are designed for social human beings. No matter what or where you are, you always want to feel like being connected.

So did you mention yourself how slow your breathing is while using digital equipment like computers … etc ? Observe yourself and realize that you get out of oxygen almost just because you are so focused on that thing on your desk ?
Without oxigen , you can get seriously harmed or dead within minutes.

Water , clean water is important to make our body functions work properly. Within days you get down from it and so drained … . So keep breathing healthy and deep down as much as possible . More out then in so you get rid of most toxins out of your body just by breathing . Loosing weight can also be important doing so.

Food, used for being rewarded or as a tool to invite people or just to make yourself healthy. Otherwise its a sign of your body that you need to take nutrients as not all vitamines / minerals and enzymes got made by your body.  So intake is required. Keep in mind that we are overeating ourself to get the same nutrients and so much more calories then we are supposed to get.  Why i’m using FREZZOR is because i love to quality , story and enhancements into your lifestyle getting the unique blend of all natural ingredients into your body from newzealand. Loosing weight , reducing illness and improving sports activity’s, be a greater champion.

So being overstimulated by social media, environment, people, invisible influences like radiation, … sometimes you just wanna get out of it so freedom to move and stay where you want is the key to a longterm improvement. Using your time online profitable is also possible while doing what you are already doing. Soft example SHOPPING ONLINE and getting cashback on that for real, that’s quiet easy alright ? Don’t get distracted to much and do what gives you energy.
Not getting drained by doing too much things where you have no purpose or intentions to do this actually . Check where this blog is profitable for you and do you love my insights sharing with you , i love to have some feedback to learn even more from you.


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