Being stimulated? #stimulation

How long ago did you took time to sit & wait just to get reloaded with new powerfull energy?  U have been working all week, doing whats needed to be done to get iT done?

Such one thing, you dont get aware anymore for being influenced by banners, promotions, sounds, invites to consume eat&drink, terras, …  U need Some rest in anyway.  U cant always relay  upon others to recover or make you feel good. So THE economy is quiet build like ur going to work for THE so created debt system that u Will feel guilty not to consume anymore things u won’t actually need.  Remember your kids having all tools but after a while dont see the valua of such ‘things’ anymore.  They rather have something to do with someone and enjoy their attention doing things togheter.

Thats THE real stimulation. Being a part of a community or sameminded people  realizing that time and efforts can drain your energy. So recover in nature where life isnt influenced bytechnology. That really simple


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