Sell products or services or both ?

It was such something that i asked about an opinion to someone who is studying naturopathy. Also has her own blog/services and audience and selling herself with her knowledge. She will help people a lot for sure but also paid. So where is the border ? Selling knowledge with her services which includes products?

Do you add value to your audience or costumers ?

I believe she got it all right with her answer/analysis but suddenly i showed up to see what she could like about the product i’m talking about. Her answer was straight into the way how natural products needs to be and i got it for use since a while, not being a naturopathy but experience and some reading was the basics to got to use it. Talking with the right people as well and being blessed for that.

How to promote a produkt ?

i suddenly showed her the link and she felt apart and was a bit terrified, found it rare, i was working for that company and doing promotion. First of all , i’m not working for that company and i love to do what i like being a costumer/brand ambassador for that company and proud of that. U can actually make good use of it if you refer 4 new costumers a month to get yourself free products as an ambassador so that’s an extra , right ? If you love the products who are benificial and scientifically based built and designed for the human body which helps me out for years now. How can you stay blind for letting others NOT know about it ?  The way i asked about the product she found it disturbing in such a way. I just asked what about it and i moved on to let her know about the website offering it.

I shouldn’t show her the produkt and leave her behind with questions as she suddenly acting like the expert as a naturopathy . Doctors are still learning even more about diet and how to use it to make humans back healthier. So i compared her answer with the products i’m using for my best health

Selling yourself or your services and included products?

As knowledge comes in , i’m questioning wether its paid knowledge or free knowledge. Got it ? Anyone you pay for advice or ask for advice to think getting paid for it later is doubtful. Free knowledge is already paid by your internet connection and free of speech, being able to talk to anyone anytime . Does it comes from high school / university’s to be educated like that , that there is only logical way to be profitable for todays economy and merchants ? DO you have a shortcut or shortsighted about health? Have you realized that education is often sponsored by industrial impact ?

My part of thinking comes in this way that if you sell a service / advice / consult and products are coming afterwards after analysis , what are you actually selling then ? I might not hope that her answer should have been paid to learn me more about being on the right track like i mentioned so so obviously found it disturbing to have people with knowledge so she won’t get profit from that. You got paid for what you are talking about and making it a hype isn’t for long lasting adventure .

Conclusion =

The whole think about services, consults, products, sales, knowledge is total all in one these days. The person who you want to get in touch with is for about 70 % the key factor to proceed. I have giving someone a free shake canister offered through the company and after two years they returned to get it back for real , sending her through the right link and website for that product. Clear and done. Leave that negativity out of it and get focused on the real stuff that helps you out and improves your quality of life. Who is happy after all gives you more back then you ever realize by just being in their company ? Talking about MLM , isn’t it what we always are doing ? Imagine people are talking behind the back , how i call it ? MLM. Selling your services and people recommend you for the good or the bad, MLM. People making a career into their lifetime in their first factory ever , having great friends who lift them up ? I call it MLM. U either grow with good mlm or got brought down with bad MLM. That’s easy to understand and something you can’t changes at all. It’s incredible how people got educated and be afraid by wrong knowledge , wrong friend, wrong environment and wrong opinions based upon bullying , backtalk and prejudices.

Have a great time and hopefully you give me some feedback if things are confusing or complicated so i might explain and answer you upon that. Love to help you out , so pls comment if you wish.

My final advice and experience is, don’t make yourself blind like a horse with flaps on. Don’t think about what you see in mind but make it reality by acting upon it and be realistic in how to achieve it.

Besides my personal website is linked to all what i can summarize and therefore forwarded to the mission they are spreading around the world. All legal and scientifically supported with real results on longterm.



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