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As always we are keeping everyone informed via our Blog at SiteTalk CashBack.

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The Polish banners have now been published under your account if you have the status of blogger or website owner.
If you want to start posting our banners to your own blog or website to get more customers and earn an extra 50% on all the allocated cashback that you get from your customers then please submit a request under ‘Contact Us’ and we will be glad to assist you.
Make sure you let us know what email you have registered on that account you wish to have as a blogger/website owner and be able to post banners on your website.
Happy Shopping week,
SiteTalk CashBack

via SiteTalkCashBack Official Site – Global #1 CashBack Shopping Place..

If you love to cooperate with the blogger of this message to have such an english/polish banner available personally for your blog / website, pls message me privately to invite you to have this amazing tool to monetize your website.
This is my personal invitation link as independent sitetalk deals / cashback representative.
Enjoy blogging and use it to support a good cause as well because it’s the same what so many people are doing everyday without realising that you can get cashback. Even on your friends cashback as a reward. 10 %. This is an extraordinary tool for everyones use . As you love to save money online, becoming a social entrepreneur or even a professional entrepreneur. We can discuss this over by skype once we get in touch to have an openminded talk and presentation. Worldwide available. Enjoy your health and take care of yourself . Save money today and follow the blog on sitetalkcashback to keep track on it.

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