Why i take regularly my OMEGA 3’s from FREZZOR ?

It’s all a process start using such amazing health benificials nutrients and if you look at the story how and what’s its doing for your health , u don’t doubt about the longterm benefits. Like they use to say eat more vegetables and fruits, it’s also the same to use your omega 3’s. This one contains unique ones like ETA , yet unknow in western regions but widely embraced by doctors and scientists over the world. Epa and DHA has its function so it contains that as well but ETA is the great naturally anti inflammatory compound. Whenever your feeling sick or bad you might think about having an inflammation in your body, consulting a doctor should be wise but also to try wisely to take your omega 3’s as they promote anti inflammatory agents. Omega 6 is so well manufactured in everything we almost eat that our balance of omega 3 and omega 6 is way to high and therefore we got silent inflammation in our body’s, not knowing what to think and feel about it. So one day it will haunt you for sure. There so much more about impacts on your health like stress etc but i’m using it sometimes 2-4 a day depending on my allergies , inflammations, arthritis , happiness, .. . Once your body is full of these omega 3’s from the greenlipped mussel oil you can keep it up with 1-2 a day . Drink enough water to detoxify as well. I can tell and research all the popular google stuff about it but i can never imagine how my health should be without the omega 3 black despite my situation now. Keep it safe and into a frigo for longterm storage.


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