WordPress = I just pressed the word out of my brains !

Now, it is actually great to share and talk about things with anyone but don’t spend too much time wasting your energy convincing other people about the advantage of what you like or think. I just expressed myself with word
s coming out of my mind without saying them. Everyday i got some mindblowing insights that i need to write down at once being not distracted. It gives me actually a mind orgasm or a relief of some brain fart. Feeling free of underlying emotions brought upon you by others. Let me tell you, jealous people are easy to recognize for sure, doesn’t matter if they don’t like you or ought to tolerate you. YOU are worthed every step you take on earth anywhere you go and no-one ever should tell you don’t belong here .

Actually need my phone everywhere so i can make notes anywhere and share them along for myself and for others to know what i’m thinking. WordPress is a great new just to express yourself with word actually.wordpress

Reason why u have to express yourself with words =

Keep on doing what you like and all the rest will follow upon it. If not, keep honest with yourself why you are doing it and be like it. Deal with it and live with it.


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