Gut feelings

gutsgutfeelingIt’s truly that gut feeling that makes you feel good or worse. Once you read a little about it BECAUSE everybody can read and google upon it and understand a little. Many years of experience and obstipation or sickness, farting, smell, … the issues of your sickness is for about 80 % related with your guts. Means actually that good and bad bacterias are involved into your guts. Whenever the bad ones gets the overhand due to candida overgrow or whatever, your immune system is responding badly upon it and weakens your immunity. gutbrainsAcute or chronicle issue might be involved . The answer is about to adopt and change certain food habits to make sure you make the good bacterias works for your good health. Respect them and you will get what you deserve. Often people got headache, or pain somewhere , feeling restless , uncomfortable, sick,… .

Listen to that feeling as it expresses also why so many people suffer from psychosomatic disease or expressions which doesn’t expose the present situation. That’s actually a sign of sickness so your bowels are also a brain at itself. Listening to them while overeating or just eat something too much and you shall feel the difference . Try to go for a while with aloe vera juice mixed with source water from natural resources. Inflammation is often triggered also by your belly fat as it is an organ at itself. Outbalancing your hormonal function, triggers inflammation and is also a place to store your poison. So be cautious when you loose weight, you might feel uncomfortable as a kind of positive side effects… .

My advice is don’t stress out if you have a candy or a pleasure for yourself. Just don’t overeat yourself and respect that gut feeling. exercise a little and drink enough water, tea, .. 1 coffee to get over that hungry feeling … however some have the opinion that it enforces the cravings, so be aware of it what works best for you.

Hope you start thinking about that gut feeling for sure now.



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