To sport or not to sport in hot/tropical weather and why ?

“Not recommended to exercise for more than an hour”
Professor and exercise physiologist Peter Hespel highlights the dangers of extreme sports in warm weather. “If your skull too long exposed to the sun cansun heat up your brains and your temperature can just stop. This can even be life threatening,” said Hespel.

“A cap set is the only solution. But choose any black hat, because it absorbs the heat. And of course, rest as much as possible in the shade.”

“In addition to sunstroke athletes must also pay attention to fluid and salt loss. You can not get cramps or even lose consciousness. A tennis player can see black before his eyes get when he/she stands after a pause of his/her chair. It’s just not recommended to longer than an hour or half hour sports in such an environment, but players have no choice. So wimbledon and roland garros players needs to cooldown and hydrate themselves well. They are competition players and has other commitments than just being a healthy sportmen.

I prefer to feel it as best as i got my part of it dealing with bad experiences and getting injuries upon that . So should i go sweat and have a good time on the bike into the fitness ? I geuss you can as long you don’t overheat yourself as assumed above.



The most common disorder of the immune system is allergy. Allergy is a common reaction of the body to common allergens which are substances from the environment that can trigger the body’s hypersensitivity reaction resulting to various types of allergy symptoms.

The body’s hypersensitive reaction against the common allergens such as dust, pollens, and dander are due to the excessive reaction of the white blood cell to produce an antibody resulting to inflammatory responses and other allergy symptoms and reactions. The air pollution was already mentioned by my father long time ago and it seems that the ages has gives me the insight my parents wanted to give me already. I don’t need to say no more but you have to bring the lessons of life good and have a good learning attitude as well. They ought to be smokers so that’s kinda controversial between options upon their actions. Smoking is also a bad habit and gives you walls and windows that yellow look.



Individuals who participated in the study included 66 men and 99 women aged 45 – 55. The individuals were separated into 3 strength training and exercise levels. Strength training groups were divided into none, minimal and frequent levels. Exercise groups were divided into sedentary, light exercisers and moderate to strenuous exercise levels. Activities involving knee bending were also assessed.The results show that light exercise, in particular frequent walking, is a safer choice to maintain healthy cartilage.

Usually RSI is not such an injurie that is for weak people, it’s common sense that repetitive movements can damage your joint even further. Especially after broken elbows or knees or hip, … . YOU actually can move the joint but weakened … . You are not human if you don’t understand that. People got born with weak bones or DNA damage. There is no such Uber human on earth, every human is worthed to live on earth for real with their specifically talents or spirit. Whatever it is, they has the same rights as anyone else on earth to breath, eat and move.

And last but not least, keep drinking enough water and drink before you got thirsty. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables and stay away from candy or sugar foods that will undermine you immune response system. Especially for allergies etc … . Keep low doses of everything during the day and you will be fine. Exercise also in a lower tempo and speeds as long you got a good feeling afterwards for sure … .

Sources = Click on the images.



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