Looking at people πŸ‘“

Reveal yourself. Your instinct to survive Will do strange things with your thoughts and words. Misinterpretation and misunderstanding Shall make things complicated. Controlling people Will always be in THE advantage of fortune or comfortable behavior. When people expect you to behave like they want, love iT often by manipulating others so you Will be a victim of social conforming upon bullied or disrespected. Got to know so called bad things About you like iTS not conform their norm. Act always within THE law and be smart to live day and night with your conscious , right?

Theres always that inner voice and afterwards conclusions that makes THE puzzle complete giving people THE advantage of doubt. So revealing yourself isnt THE end of THE story. IT Will show probably your weak spots where other ones Will make out happiness for themselves. So be cautious what you share or be very smart as everything has a reason to share that Will reveals urself in time πŸ’‘πŸ’Ž

Make sure u have THE right glasses on for each type of people and i love too look at powerfull energyfull humans with good energy 😍😎




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