Alcohol, did you know … ?

Did you know that alcohol is a harddrug ?

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Yes. Alcohol is, especially in larger amounts, a genuine hard drug: it is a way which has a so-called psychotropic effects (like most other drugs); which means that it affects the psyche (mind) of the user; it is also an addictive drug just like other hard drugs (it can cause both physical and psychological dependence).

There are two main differences: alcohol, regular use of more than 1 to 2 drinks per day more harmful to the body than most drugs and alcohol is legal: the sale is permitted under certain rules. And as you know is not the case for the funds mentioned drugs popularly whose production and trade is prohibited.

It’s not a so quiet popular something to say that drugs is legalized (in this case alcohol) and has more victims then non-legalized drugs which has proven healthy benefits based on scientifically basis. So whenever a doctor tells you he can’t help you anymore, you will probably find out that he doesn’t want you to know how to cure yourself.

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