The anti-inflammation zone

According to Dr. Barry Sears…”The Anti-Inflammation Zone”…”silent inflammation precedes insulin resistance.” He, also, states that Type 2 diabetes “….occurs when the patient develops long-term insulin resistance.” He believes that taantioxidantking high-dose fish oil to reduce silent inflammation will make a big difference for insulin resistance and even type-2 diabetes. Great thing about #FREZZOR is that you don’t have to take the large quantity of fish oil that he recommends to get great results. #Smallpowerfulcapsules #Nonastyfishburps

Many researchers, while they found this latest discovery hopeful, were not entirely surprised by it. After all, the medicUnderWaterMusselal profession has known for years that there is a link between the dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids and reduced insulin resistance. It is this reduced resistance that translates into better blood sugar control, which in turn can fend off some of the more serious complications of this disease.” Another reason to be consuming Omega-3 fatty acids. ‪#‎FREZZOR‬

Another great article to read more about it is down here = the science of anti-inflammatory nutrition

I’m using FREZZOR products and i use it because i got of medicines for using pain control of allergies or for joint inflammation as i have gone through some serious injuries. Despite some bad luck i still can do things which i like to keep on doing with certain restrictions . Being realistic is even more great to have some power knowledge to go against the flow. Steady now and having my issues but thats more from stress being bullied by others to bring others down or my person as well. i heard some news about the painkillers dafalgan or ibuprofen from a retired pharmacist and many people should really read the paper included . How to use and what the side effects are, … . Really can become a heart stroke to die from … why it’s sold without presciption and usually often to use lesser then a week. It’s just terrible that an innocent freely available painkiller caused also lot’s of problems for my health with side effects. SO why i’m using FREZZOR omega 3 black because it has no side to side interaction with medicines. Gotta think about food as your first medicine and my failure still is to use food for emotional issues so trying to keep that as healthy as possible feeling guilty afterwards. Think FREZZOR and you got into the right direction. Now compare for yourself what benefits you.


Calculate what you give to unneeded nutrients or smoking habits or drinking habits which can be easily avoided to save money to buy healthier products. Doesn’t need to be FREZZOR as i suggest but integrate it into your daily lifestyle if affordable , using world class high quality nutrients from newzealand from an organic source. #veggies #botanics #herbs #hemp #Proteine #117Kcal #mealreplacement. Often try to withstand the crave for sugar and your body starts to heal itself. Getting into intermitting fasting as we all got educated wrong for eating habits. FEEL, EAT, move and rest. Your eyes becomes bigger then your mouth and stomach.

enjoy your health and get over the starting negatively looking side effects which are actually positive, can be easily recognize as a healing process to go through and take them for sake.

Never doubt to consult a doctor if you have any medical issues to make sure your health benefits the best from FREZZOR. As food might not be an issue for many to heal themselves.

enjoy your shake , omega 3 and educate your children as new products are on the run within a week or more to deliver from FREZZOR. I consider you not to buy FREZZOR if you didn’t read about it. The reason why is that inflammation is necessary in your body for household procedures and therefore balancing them is a healthy way to keep strong and good shape during all your life.

Come back later if you found out that the FREZZOR website is unable … because they are updating the site at the moment of posting this blog. Always exiting to have healthy knowledge looking how people around you always have something negative and right, i have my bad days and guilty negative bad habits where others blame me for while doing this. I realize what i’m doing so help to avoid doing it instead of bulling me upon it.

bert (skype)


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