It’s so stupid that it is ridiculous not doing it! #letsdothis #sitetalk

48919871 Now the latest progress in the use of the mobile app SWARM (places to checkin) is that you can actually earn points in a kind of competition against your fellow friends overthere. I like this because i love to be rewarded for online activities. ThereFore i use the simple but effective rewarding online social community for while already. Only for logins i get 10 activity points a time / day. Whenever i reach 100 between day 1 – 15 of  the month i can claim a free monthly ticket between day 16-31 of the month. Only being a sitetalker gives me every week a free tombola ticket and depending on your status within the stars activity , 1 to 5 stars you get with 5 stars and a star club membership 5 tickets every week to win great prices . Those tickets are not for sale and only to redeem with your online activity points into sitetalk credits, getting them with those credits for sure. Here’s is your howto find out about the loyalty points system of sitetalk. It’s clear about the SWARM points but you have in my first opinion nothing as reward but only a competition against each other. Use this competition with sitetalk and you will be surprised what’s coming your way to make new friends on your invitation link, here’s mine if you like doing this what you are already doing. , choose yourself a sexy easy matching respectful namesttombola2015

It’s a great way to keep in touch with others and being social online active when distance or time separates you from your friends and family. Social media has never been so popular these day’s but be aware if you activities get awarded while you’re doing what you are already doing. Sitetalk cashback / sitetalk tombola .. and so much more to discover it this matches your needs.

A proud sitetalk user while doing what i’m already doing on many social media but getting rewarded for doing so like posting pics, commenting, making new friends, using unique tools on sitetalk now, …

Did you know the cash prices are hugh ? U only need to verify your free sitetalk account (kyc = know your costumer) and have an paypal account to make things easier. Keep all things secure and safe. This is so innovating and groundbreaking for sure that many social media are already copying sitetalk for sure but the foundations of sitetalk are strong , very strong as they own the unique code to make this possible , also with sitetalk cashback free for everyone to save money with online purchases listed into the system. Mention that it is time to start saving with your own economic plan in everything you do. NOW.


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