About me

A few years ago …

I decided to change something in my life and i started to take a look at my body’s health because i was feeling sick most of the time.

After many surgery’s and bad luck, family tragedies (cancer), i learned a lot in a way too short time. Loosing my self-respect for many years was almost fatal for my body and pleasing other people got kinda frustrating so my mental health got lower and lower. I was aggressive sometimes out of nothing as i saw the greater picture and lot’s of things did hold me back. The main reason was money and that was my biggest mistake. It’s easy to say that people who have money say’s that i’m to much money focused. Yeah right, i was a victim of our economy.

The main lesson was , reprogramming your mindset is the hardest because we got educated and learned things good or bad. We trusted good or bad people and we made good or bad decisions. Institutions made us feel good or bad . Good and bad investments. Some people look into your privacy and i’m really concerned about that … .  At the end , you have to educate yourself and learn to feel yourself again.

I’m 41 years old now …

and it’s so damn easy to learn the good things in life to be healthy, happy and wealthy. What limits do you have ? So i met some powerful strong and healthy people which are way out of my horizon to live in. Like it is a different way of life with other rules and most of all , FREEDOM.

I trust myself …

The things that happens and has happens and will be happening is because i trust myself even more these days because of my experiences in online / offline network marketing (great people to meet ) , life experiences . If you judge other people you don’t even know why you might that have the right , to judge someone based upon some factors you don’t see … it’s quiet complicated. You might be stressed or sick… .

I try to do the right thing …

Now i try to do only the right thing which feels good and makes me happy . If i can share this happiness with you , keep on following my blogs as i don’t wanna be all around anytime. There are certain health issues i have to keep under controle to maintain the best i can, despite the many years of stress i’ve got. Stress is really something to avoid.

Did i say something wrong …

It might be wrong to understand but it’s not always mentioned as it seems.

I got some influence from others that i don’t see always , so i’m sorry if i got others hurt. Just say it to me and i will apologies or clear things out. I got an photographic memory

Respect anyone anytime,

Change your health, wealth, lifestyle and happiness , one step at a time.

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mobile = Healthcares@icloud.com
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