Worldmusic at #sfinksmixed Different area’s included mobile ones transforming the green fields into a place for all Ages #sfinks Music with a message πŸ€βœŒοΈπŸŽ­

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Neuroplasticity gives you new thoughts, new adventures, learning as long as u want to improve ur lifestyle #neuron and therefore new connections in ur brain. Choose ur environment and place u live, learn and love carefully βœŒοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ€ #neuroplasticity
50 % of being happy is genetically determined , 40 % is ur environment and 10 % is because of ur financial situation

Do something new Everyday to let iT become a habit so iT Will be a new connection in ur brains. Keep iT flexibele and move on in life , no matter what. Being consciously honest in longterm with everything is amazing powerfull, as best as u can live by THE truth

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2 billion unbanked people and why they can improve or make progress. Because THE system doesnt allow them to do so. Onecoin Will make a difference for them as iT is designed to help poor people who are able to use a smartphone. Innovative and groundbreaking future plans ahead with this new cryptocurrency Many promises but delivering and creating THE foundations to make this happen πŸ‘Œ and get your trading package learning About crypto onecoin while earning from THE miningpools. Keep in touch and happy to meet&greet – with Bert

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In the human body, if the alignment is compromised, movement and breath are compromised and the body’s systems begin to suffer. In this state, stress and pressure can easily result in disease. In the same way if I am not in alignment with the truth of myself, I begin to lose spiritual power and experience dis-ease. When I am aligned with the truth of who I am, a spiritual being, I am powerful and healthy. Today let me align myself with my true self.


By bert v.